Applying blush for angled jawline?

With highlighting you can expose your angled features, making your face appear even more angled/sculpted, whereas with blush you soften them.


By softening your features, you will look more innocent, angelic and friendly, so let’s dive into the makeup technique that will do that.


We’ll soften the top of your cheek bone because it makes you look serious.


Trust us!


That’s actually a good thing, because we got a couple of million views on the video How to look older with 30+ year olds saying no one takes them serious due to their babyface. 

Angled Chin -Blush Application Techniques

Angled Chin -Blush Application Techniques

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Apply the blush on the temples of the cheeks making a round circle that fades gradually towards the outer corner.


If you want to wear a more dramatic look and make your eyes pop even more, pull the blush towards your ears and instead of a round circle, make an ellipse.


Be sure to really blend the edges well so that you’re left with no harsh angles.