How to contour for angled jawline?

Angled Chin - How to Contour?

Angled Chin - How to Contour?

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An angled jawline is what fashion model agencies look for the most, because such feature gives you the possibility of changing your visual appearance with makeup.


But the magical part of having an angled jawline is that when you’re young you look more mature and when you age you look younger as it prevents the skin from sagging under your chin.


Your face already appears quite “serious”, so if you want to accentuate that or maybe look more mature, pull the contour towards your mouth as you see on the picture below.


Remember, a little bit of product goes a long way!

But if you want your face to look more bubbly or younger, we need to soften that jawline and drive the attention of the viewer towards your eyes.


You can achieve that by applying a contouring product from the middle part of the ear towards the space between the nose and mouth and into a point, just slightly above where the natural shadow falls.