Bigger lower lip

When trying to even out your lip shape by overdrawing the upper lip, you need to take into account how angled is the edge of the lip.


The harsher the angle, the less you can overdraw.


The reason being is that your natural lip edge reflects light so where you have applied pencil will be visible.


Start lining the lips on the outer edges, right up on the edge and not even half a millimetre over.


For a more Babydoll look, you can line them under your natural edge.


The more towards the centre you’re pulling the pencil, the more over the edge you can draw.


When on the cupid’s bow, you can overdraw the lips by a millimetre and people will barely notice.


If the edge of your lips is not that angled, you can overdraw them more, but we suggest you don’t exaggerate too much as this can easily make you look like you’re trying too hard.


You can even the lips also by lining the lower lip on the inner part of it’s edge, making it appear smaller.


This is a great technique when the lower lip is quite bigger than the upper.


If you really want to play with your lip shape, it is best to use matte pencil or lipstick because it won’t bounce light, therefore it won’t be so obvious where your natural lip edge is.