Bigger upper lip

To make your upper lip appear smaller, you could just line it with a lip pencil slightly under the natural edge.


But most of the time women don’t want to have smaller lips, therefore we’ll even them out by applying a lip pencil over the edge of the bottom lip. 


Start lining the lip on the outer corner and on your natural edge.


Here you really need to be precise.


You can pencil the lip slightly above the natural edge, but never over the edge because this would make the lips look downturned.


The more towards the centre of the lip you’re drawing the line, the more over the edge you can go.


On the middle part of the lower lip you can draw the line about two millimetres over the edge and still look like they’re your natural lips.


You can have such fun because the lower lip is curved on the middle part therefore there is no strong edge that would reflect light.