Before you blush...

The main question I get about applying blush is whether it should be applied before the contour or after, and in what shape.


I understand that it’s quite confusing watching all those Youtube videos with each girl doing her own thing (and many of them trying to invent something new).


Also, because blush is the most versatile makeup product you can do all sorts of things with it, for example, colour correction or turn yourself into a naughty schoolgirl. 


After mascara and lipstick, blush is the most sold makeup product in the world as it looks good even if it’s the only product applied to your face.


It’s called blush because you apply it onto the cheeks where they naturally redden when your face flushes, either from embarrassment or physical activity.


Blush can make you look serious, bubbly, fresh or innocent.


I’ll talk more about colour theory in another section, so let’s now focus on the shape of the application. 


Oh, one more thing...


Whether you apply blush before or after contouring depends on what look you wish to create.


If you’re going for a more sculpted, night out look, apply blush first and pull the contours over.


If you want to soften your makeup and make it look more innocent, then blend the blush over the contours. choose the shape of your jawline.



Pointed jawline.jpg