Deep-set eyes

Girl, you are lucky!


Deep set eyes are eyes that were made for makeup.


You might be thinking:


"How come? My eyes are so sunken that you barely see them."


And that's exactly why they're awesome.


As they are sunken, you can play with vivid colours or even shimmer all over the lid and still look fabulous.


I like to call deep set eyes ‘mystical eyes’, because when they’re open the lid doesn't show much, but when you blink the MAGIC HAPPENS.


Here’s a fun fact; the average person blinks about 15 times every minute, so that’s a total of 14,400 magical moments every day! 


It’s only when you blink that people can clearly see the makeup you’re wearing and by spicing up your look with funky or shimmery colours you can turn each blink into an eye catching firework.


Now that's a trick people with prominent eyes can't pull off.

Another great thing about deep set eyes is that you look fab wearing either cut crease makeup styles or something as basic as a single bright eyeshadow all over your eyelid (which are definitely not makeup techniques to be used on other eye shapes).


And finally, did you know that with this eye shape you could actually apply your makeup WITHOUT A MIRROR?


Yep, your eyes are caught in the brow bone so applying a darker eyeshadow on the outer corners of the eyes is easy.


The brush will stay in place with each stroke because it will be guided by the brow bone. Let me show you what I mean.

Classic makeup technique for deep-set eyes

Apply a middle tone eyeshadow to the outer corner of the upper lid to create a sort of C-shape.  


Then blend it lightly along the outer half of the lash line, fading it into the crease under the brow bone.


What you now have on your lids most likely looks pretty flat, so to deepen the colour and make things seem more wearable, we're going to follow that with a dark shade.


Apply a dark eyeshadow into the outer corner of the upper lid, which will intensify the C-shape.


A light colour should now be blended under the brow arch and into the brow bone.


If you overdid the dark eyeshadow from the previous step and you look like a raccoon, this is the part that will make the mistake go away.


Just blend the lighter eyeshadow over the dark edge and smooth it out.


If the edge is too dark, just fade it out with a cotton bud first. 


Apply the same or other light colour over the central part of the upper lid, extending it into the inner corner.


For a more dramatic look, use a shimmer.


Putting a light colour in the middle of the lid will make the eyes stand out from the shadow of the prominent brow bone.


Oh, and make sure the edges between the eyeshadows are nicely blended.


Lower lashline

Going to the lower lash line now, you have various options...


For a fresh, bubbly look apply a line of light eyeshadow all over the lower part of the eye. This will really open your eyes and visually bring them forward.



For a more sophisticated look, connect the upper lid with the lower lid by applying a dark eyeshadow on the outer 1/5 of the lower lash line, followed by middle or light colour.


This is how you will achieve a more sculpted, cat-eye look.


Night out

If you want to add some drama, gradually blend all three eyeshadows together from dark, to middle, to light.


The darker you make the eye on the outer corner, the more party eyes you will have and the same is true for a light/shimmery colour around the tear dot. 


What else can you do?

That's it for the classic deep set eyes makeup technique.


I know it looks quite sculpted and geometrical, so if you want your eye makeup to look less structured and suited for work or school, just use brighter colours.


Using a combination of eyeshadows that are darker from each other for just a shade, will result in a subtle, yet stunning look.


If you find the above classic deep set eyes makeup technique too complicated or time consuming, then here's another makeup technique you can try.


First, apply a dark eyeshadow on the outer corner of the upper eyelid, concentrating the intensity of the colour close to the lash line.


Blend it well towards the inner corner of the eye.


The way you finish the outer edge is your personal preference.


For a more sculpted look, leave the edges sharp and for a softer look, blend it thoroughly. 


Apply a middle colour to the centre of the eyelid in an angled stripe and blend the edges in all directions.


As this look requires blended edges, build the colour intensity gradually. It is way easier to add colour than it is to take it off.  


Now let's make your eyes pop so that you show your lovely soul to the world.


Cover the start of the lid with a light colour, or shimmery colour if you prefer, and blend it over the middle colour and up.


Leave the inner part of the lid unblended and with a soft edge.


The bright colour will make your eyes pop without affecting the appearance of your nose.


Finish the look by using one of the lower eyelid makeup techniques as described above and remember, practise makes perfect.


Trust me, girls you see on Instagram have invested a lot of time and effort in perfecting their skills, so be prepared to keep working on it if you want to achieve the same.


Don’t give up and soon enough you too will be rocking the makeup styles others can only dream of wearing.