Downturned eyes

There are countless ways how to visually lift downturned eyes with makeup and I'm about to show you a couple, but first I want you to know this.


Downturned eyes are beautiful because they make you look angelic.


Just look at the classic paintings of angels and you will find that almost all of them have downturned eyes.


So don't be wishing you had upturned eyes, because YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL just the way you are.


But if you want to achieve that sexy, cat eye look for a night out with your friends, potential boyfriend or husband, here's how you do it.

Downturned Eyes - Makeup Application Techniques

Downturned Eyes - Makeup Application Techniques

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In order to change the appearance of your eye and visually lift it, you need to use a darker toned eyeshadow, kohl pencil or eyeliner which you pull up into a point.


If you find an eyeliner too dramatic, try using a lighter shade or switch it for a kohl pencil or an eyeshadow that is easier to blend on the outer edge.


By fading the flick, you will achieve a more sultry look. 


But the main trick lies in how you apply makeup to the bottom eyelid.


As your eyes are downturned, applying a darker colour along the lower lash line would visually pull your eye down even more.


That's why you should stick to the outer third or even fifth of the eye, depending on how downturned your eye is.


Try it for yourself and see how far towards the middle part of the eye you can pull the eyeshadow and still keep the eye looking upturned.


Here is a cool tutorial that will better explain how to lift your eyes with eyeliner if you don't mind Brina laughing all the time.


This lovely girl found it too funny and just couldn't stand the brush tickling her.

Lifting downturned eyes with an eyeliner
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