Before you start glowing...

When I'm passing by a high-school on my way to the studio, it feels like Christmas, because girls shine like Christmas trees from all the strobing and highlighting products they put on their faces.


This exaggerating trend is, to be honest, quite ridiculous. It serves only one purpose and that’s to look good in photos.


The human eye perceives the world very differently to a camera.


Therefore, what might work in a photo will look very different in the real three dimensional world that we live in.


Sadly, many girls are unaware of this and lay the products on way too heavy.


It’s even more interesting when mature women try to copy what they see on social media.


We’ve seen highlighting powder stuck in smile creases that literally bounces light like a laser beam.


That’s why below you’ll find a couple of makeup tips that will add light to your face and give your skin a healthy glow, making you look fresh and feminine. 


As you might have guessed, we’re not fans of shimmery, powder highlighters or creams.


We prefer to use a foundation that is two shades brighter than your skin tone with state of the art highlighters that don’t contain shimmer, but rather light bouncing particles.


There are a couple of areas on the face where we usually want to attract light so that we focus one’s attention to the centre of it, by doing that our facial features will look more balanced and three dimensional.


And the best part is that these areas don’t wrinkle as much with age, therefore a highlighted makeup look is timeless and easy to do.


Start applying a highlighting product from the top of the nose towards the tip of the nose and onto the forehead, expanding it up in a triangle.


The highlight on the forehead needs to be well blended, whereas down the nose, try to leave it in a thin stripe, blending the edges just slightly.


On the cupid’s bow you could actually use a shimmery powder or a beige pencil, but for a more subtle looks, let’s stick to a lighter concealer or similar.


The main idea is to highlight the area where the nose casts a shadow.


For a more seductive and sexy look, apply the highlight just on the top edges of the lips as this will make them look fuller and under your brow bone which will visually lift the arch.