Hooded eyes

I hope you're not stressing over having hooded eyes and not being able to wear a straight cat eye flick, because each person in this world will SOONER or LATER have them.


Even though Instagram is flooded with girls wearing flicks on point and colourful eyeliners, makeup is way more than just that.


It's about expressing your unique self and being who you are rather than looking like a clone. 


Did you know that only 10% of women can actually wear an eyeliner on point and look good?


When I tell this to my students their main question is how come then social media is full of girls wearing sharp eyeliners.


And the answer lies in the angles these girls work with their cameras.


Now let's see how to buy an eyeliner and then we'll talk about the makeup illusion.

How to Buy an Eyeliner?

How to Buy an Eyeliner?

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Next time you're checking makeup photos on Instagram, pay attention to the girls taking their photo from a lower angle with lifted chin or half closed eyes.


This is how they make a flat surface so that the eyeliner looks stunning, but if they were to look straight into the camera, the eyeliner would in most cases break because of the crease.


You can try this yourself. Apply an eyeliner looking down into the mirror and it will look wonderful, but as soon as you look at yourself straight on, it will turn into a completely different shape.

With These Eyeliner Skills Anyone Can do the Cat Eye Flick

With These Eyeliner Skills Anyone Can do the Cat Eye Flick

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There are a couple of ways you can do your eyeliner, but just two that resemble a cat eye flick. First I'll show you the easy one.


When you get to grips with this one, you'll be able to do it with a liquid eyeliner at the start of the eye and a pencil or gel eyeliner at the outer corner.


But to kick off let's start with the first technique and a kohl pencil as it will be easier to work with.