Playing with the shape of your lips

Glamorous vs. playful lips
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Click here for the upper tutorial with illustrations.

Here's one more tutorial where Karin and I had fun playing with her lips. For the whole tutorial with illustrations, click here

3 lip shapes, same pair of lips
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Nowadays, it seems like women all want to have the same lips.


Lips that look like they’ve been stung by a bee, and in order to get them they’ll try all sorts of crazy things from sucking a glass to getting filler injections.


But that’s just what we see on social media.


Such content surfaces the most due to it’s “shocking” nature, therefore we feel like everyone is doing it, whereas it’s mainly teenagers who love it. 


What I’ve realised throughout the years of doing makeup is that the makeup trends one sees on Youtube and Instagram are far from what the majority of people want to wear.


When women grow up, get a job or even have kids, such makeup looks are forgotten and they begin to focus on their unique features.


They start accepting themselves and loving the parts they had previously been unhappy with.


I stressed over this for a long time, because it felt like the whole world just wants to be Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner, but then my fans helped me understand that makeup trends are just trends and that most of us don’t care about them.


So thank you for supporting me when the times were hard and helping me stay true to myself.


Even though the winds are changing I stand firmer than ever before, saying no to Instagram brows and Botox.

What to do with the cupid's bow?

Lips are the most seductive part of your face that can visually change your character.


For a more sophisticated, feminine or innocent look, curve the cupid’s bow and make it smoother.


For a more playful, naughty or girly look, make the cupid’s bow pointed.


Note that such a look goes best with curly hair as it will add up to the overall bubbliness.


What shape of lips do you have?

Lips bigger upper icon.jpg

Bigger upper

Lips even icon.jpg

Even lips

Lips bigger lower icon.jpg

Bigger lower