Monolid eyes

There's something magical about monolid eyes, because guys absolutely love them, though the best thing is that such eyes with age LOOK YOUNGER than any other eye shape.


That's why I find it interesting when girls write to me because they are unhappy with their eye shape and don’t know what should they do about it. 


It is somehow ironic, because girls with curly hair want their hair to be straight, girls with blue eyes want their eyes to be green and girls without freckles would love to have a couple of burgundy dots on their faces. 


It happens so many times that I do a makeup tutorial on a girl who, for example, doesn't like her jawline.


Then I publish it and get comments about how beautiful her jawline is, with girls wishing theirs was the same. 


Just EMBRACE who you are and follow these simple makeup tutorials where I'll teach you how to makeup your eyes so that they show your lovely soul. 


But before we dive into the makeup technique I would like you to know that a monolid is not an eye shape specific to Asians, Caucasians, etc.


It is an eye shape one can find anywhere, therefore I'll concentrate on makeup techniques which are commonly used in the western part of the world, as I know how to do such makeup best.

Monolid Eyes - Basic Makeup Application Techniques

Monolid Eyes - Basic Makeup Application Techniques

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The main challenge with monolid eyes is that it is hard to keep the eyeshadow in place, especially shimmery eyeshadows that quickly melt and run into the creases.


That's why each time you do your eye makeup, prime the lid with loose powder because it works better than any kind of eyelid primer.


If you're working with black kohl pencil, apply loose powder over the pencil and finish with an eye shadow. 


HAVE FUN applying a light colour from the lash line up, concentrating it close to the lashes or blending it all the way up to the crease, the choice is yours.


For a more dramatic look, cover the whole lid and for less drama, keep it close to the lashes. 


In order to achieve a more cat eye look, apply dark colour to the outer corner of the eye as close to the lash line as possible.


A thin and precise brush will work best for this because you can really wiggle it between the lashes.


Connect the dark eyeshadow with a middle colour which you first apply to the centre of the eyelid and blend it into the dark eyeshadow.


Then blend it towards the inner part of the eye.


As mentioned before, try to keep the colours close to the lash line where they won't melt as much.


Now that you've finished the upper part of the eye, let's concentrate on the lower lid.


Here's where you can express yourself in numerous ways.


I believe the lower lid is as important as the upper and find it funny how a lot of girls hardly spend any time perfecting their lower lid makeup application.


So, take your brushes and SHOW SOME LOVE to this part of the eye as well. 


For a fresh, bubbly look apply a line of light eyeshadow all over the lower part of the eye. This will really open your eyes and visually bring them forward.



For a more sophisticated look, connect the upper lid with the lower lid by applying a dark eyeshadow on the outer 1/5 of the lower lash line, followed by middle or light colour.


This is how you will achieve a more sculpted, cat-eye look.


Night out

If you want to add some drama, gradually blend all three eyeshadows together from dark, to middle, to light.


The darker you make the eye on the outer corner, the more party eyes you will have and the same is true for a light/shimmery colour around the tear dot. 



For a classic smokey eye finish, apply a dark eyeshadow all over the lower lid and blend it with a middle colour. 


You can also use all three colours (light, middle, dark) on the bottom lid, but make sure you use small blending brushes so that you don't end up with the dreaded raccoons eyes.


More makeup techniques for monolid eyes

As your lid is pretty much hidden from the world, keep in mind that it shows it's glory almost 15 times per minute and that's when you blink.


Natural blinking can turn the right makeup into an eye-catching surprise, therefore I'll show you a makeup technique that will do just that.


Wash a coat of a shimmery or funky colour all over the eye lid and keep the edges below the crease.


The colour shouldn't be visible above the crease when the eye is opened. Still, this depends on the eye.


Try experimenting with lighter colours crossing the crease edge and maybe you will find that such makeup suits you.


To define the eyes and make them stand out, apply a thin line of a dark eyeshadow close to the lash line, as you would apply an eyeliner and gently blend the upper edge.


On the outer corner of the eye, flick the line slightly up and into a point.


The flick needs to look like it is fading away.


For a more dramatic look, keep the flick pointed. If in the previous step you used a shimmery eyeshadow, then you will need to gradually build the intensity of the dark colour with multiple layers, so that you wipe off the shimmer underneath.


Classic smokey eyes

If you feel more adventurous, you should also try a classic smokey eye makeup technique, but be aware that if your eyes are sunken, this probably won't look good on you. 


Start off by applying a dark eyeshadow all over the eyelid up to a couple of millimetres from the crease, making a half circle shape.


Because you're working with dark eyeshadow, make sure to kick the brush prior to the application so that the residue of the eyeshadow doesn't end up on your under eye area.


You can do the same by swirling the brush on your hand first.  


Next dab the brush into the middle colour and apply it onto the crease, fading it into the dark eyeshadow and slightly over the crease.


The main aim of this look is to gradually blend the three colours (light, middle and dark) together from the lash line to the brow bone.


The final step in building a lovely colour gradient on your eyes is to apply a light eyeshadow above the crease, blending it into the middle colour and slightly onto the brow bone. 


Fashion makeup

For a dramatic, eye widening makeup look, we prepared one more makeup technique that is commonly used in beauty magazines and fashion shows. 


First, apply a dark eyeshadow on the outer corner of the upper eyelid, concentrating the intensity of the colour close to the lash line.


Blend it well towards the inner corner of the eye.


The way you finish the outer edge is your personal preference.


For a more sculpted look, leave the edges sharp and for a softer look, blend it thoroughly. 


Apply a middle colour to the centre of the eyelid in an angled stripe and blend the edges in all directions.


As this look requires blended edges, build the colour intensity gradually. It is way easier to add colour than it is to take it off.  


Now let's make your eyes pop so that you show your lovely soul to the world.


Cover the start of the lid with a light colour, or shimmery colour if you prefer, and blend it over the middle colour and up.


Leave the inner part of the lid unblended and with a soft edge.


The bright colour will make your eyes pop without affecting the appearance of your nose.


Finish the look by using one of the lower eyelid makeup techniques as described above and remember, practise makes perfect.


Trust me, girls you see on Instagram have invested a lot of time and effort in perfecting their skills, so be prepared to keep working on it if you want to achieve the same.


Don’t give up and soon enough you too will be rocking the makeup styles others can only dream of wearing.