Non-hooded eyes

Do you even know how lucky you are?


You're among only 10% of women who can apply eyeliner with a flick, so pretty much any makeup you see on Instagram, you can recreate.


Cool, right?


Now let's first see how to buy an eyeliner.

Because Youtube is full of makeup tutorials on how to apply an eyeliner, I'd rather teach you how to use your hand, so that it doesn't shake and turn your eyeliner into staircases.

Still want to learn how to flick it? Let's do this!


When applying eyeliner to the start of the eye, STABILISE the hand with your pinky sitting on your nose.


Moving to the middle part of the eye, place the pinky on your cheek bone.


This will sound crazy and you might not like the idea, but I find it way easier to finish the flick by using the opposite hand.


Yes, that means you will need to use the hand that is not your superstar on one side of the face, but trust me, it is worth all the time spent because this is how your flicks will be way sharper due to the brush position.