Upturned eyes

Yeah! Upturned eyes... Every girl's dream!


You can pretty much use whichever makeup technique on your eyes and look stunning. In fact, you can apply makeup only to the lower eyelid, a coat of mascara on top lashes and off you go.


But quite often, girls with upturned eyes end up looking TOO SEXY which might not be appropriate for certain occasions.


Upturned means sexy and that's exactly why the cat eye flick became so popular.


When you want your makeup to be less noticeable, yet still intense, here's a cool trick that will make your eyes look more formal.

Upturned Eyes - Makeup Application Techniques

Upturned Eyes - Makeup Application Techniques

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The idea here is to make the eye appear rounder which you can achieve by blending the eyeshadow on the outer edge of the eye more downwards, than up and into the point.


You can do this using whichever makeup technique you like just by rounding the eyeshadow application on the outer edge of the eye.