How to contour for wide and high forehead?

The best shape of a forehead contour for you is where the sun tans your forehead, so pay attention in summer and see where it gets the darkest.


From our experience, women with a wide and high forehead often times exaggerate with contouring as they try to achieve the best result.


Mostly because forehead contours don’t show well under artificial light, but because contouring products don’t bounce light, under the sun they look waaaayyy darker. 


Start applying a contouring product to the middle of the forehead and blend it over both sides, gradually fading the contour down and on the sides fading it towards the centre of the forehead.


In other words, apply it all around the forehead, close to your hairline and blend it towards the centre to make a gradient.


Be sure to blend it really well to avoid making sharp edges.